The Luscious Lorraine Bishop – Mayfair Vol.14 No.4

It’s been a while since I’ve posted from one of my favourite magazines, so time for some Mayfair magazine deliciousness! This time it’s Lorraine Bishop by John Allum from Mayfair Vol.14 No.4 (April 1979) and her beautiful body and thick lush bush. She appeared in all her glory in 10 images across 6 pages of this edition and members can see all 6 full pages, plus close-ups of all 10 shots. Oh for the memories of Mayfair in the 70’s and the big full on bushes like Lorraine’s, not everyone’s cup of tea but it sure brings back some vivid memories from my teen years! 

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  1. Very late 1970s! A lovely girl – but I think the penultimate photo is ‘censored’. There is a suspicious, but most definite, circle of air-brushed black hiding her labia – which are just visible in some of the side on shots. This careful censorship was probably a way of avoiding any trouble for ‘the law’ – this is also apparent on some of GHM’s shots of Julie Collins too.

    • I hadn’t notice but I think you are right Billboard. Well we were getting to see a lot more of the girls by then, but maybe not that far! Yes Julie did stand out in that way in some of the shots I have of her 🙂

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