Dawn Grayson by Leslie Bainbridge (Original)

A beautiful 10 x 8 original print of Dawn Grayson by Leslie Bainbridge. I have literally 100’s of shots of Dawn in my collection and I’m trying to remember if I have any of her that show her so open and exposed? Saying that someone did mention to me that Bainbridge had a way of making the models relax and ‘open up’ for him and it certainly looks like it worked for Dawn.

This is one of my favourite recent shots of Dawn, along with another print of her by Bainbridge. I’m also trying to remember if I’ve ever seen her in the pages of H&E, she appears on various covers and within Girl Illustrated, the other Bainbridge publication, but I’ve only ever seen her on the cover of H&E No.835 (Nov 1970). Does anyone know if she ever appeared within the pages of H&E? Looking at the above shot it could well have appeared in either of the publications, if at all, but surely too good not to publish?

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  1. The most rexplicit one I’ve seen of Dawn. LB insisted on his models being depilated because he liked them to reveal as much as possible. For this type of open leg, outdoor naturist type shots, he usually posed them apparently innocently on props such as up ladders or astride stiles or fallen trees.
    Does Dawn look a bit wary?

  2. Yet another stunning photo of this gorgeous lady!

  3. I think the photo would be inappropriate for H&E – this was not the way women sat around in naturist clubs. As a glamour photo it certainly has impact!

  4. From recollection, she had several appearances in Outdoor Leisure.

    The only other regular H&E pic I have sighted, actually was indeed a clear fanny shot from H&E 855 (April 1972), which I sent to you once, so you have it somewhere. She may have had other appearances; I am not claiming to know.

    The pose was just an innocent standing-pose, but it was all on view.

  5. Vive Leslie Bainbridge and his taste in grooming!

  6. Would love to see that shot Mr TR….great that the girls pandered to Bainbridges desires in the depilation dept….wonder if back in the day they took shots that were explicit but which didn’t make the actual magazines but the negatives or photos of which may be in someone’s collection somewhere ..

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