Jean Sporle – Reclined Exposure! (Original)

It must be my week for nice surprises, as I was contacted last night by none other than the fabulous Jean Sporle, who came across my site and contacted me. Jean is now 83 and blessed with good health and still going strong, which is fantastic to hear and still does the odd bit of fashion modeling, Wow!

Jean like myself is also keen on knowing if some of the great models back then are still around, hence looking through the site. I’ve passed on the models I know are still around and it’s great to hear that Jean is going strong and loving the times she had back with Harrison Marks and Pamela Green.

Above is a stunning shot of Jean reclining nude on a sofa and highlighted by the natural light from a window above. This is from a restored Pamar slide and taken back in the late 50’s by Harrison Marks at his flat he shared with Pam in Hampstead. A stunning shot of a fabulous lady and so glad she made contact 🙂

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  1. Lovely shaven redhead, oh my !!!

  2. Great to know she is still with us. How many others are?

    • I know of a few …Teri Martine, Margaret Nolan, Gloria Lomax, Caron Gardner and of course Jean now 🙂

  3. What great news that Jean has been in touch! Perhaps she could be persuaded to share some anecdotes from ‘the old days’?

  4. A beautiful woman then and no doubt a beautiful woman now – hats off to you Jean!!

  5. Tell her that her generation of models have so far proven timeless!

    Maybe also direct her to the ‘Unknown models’ section; perhaps she can help.

  6. This is wonderful news: lovely then and, I am sure, now. It would be wonderful if you could interview her for this site.

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