Linda Schmidt – Swimming Pool Perfection! (Original)

I’ve published several shots of this big busted favourite from the 1970’s Linda Schmidt, but this is new and from my own collection of contact sheets. This is from a set of Linda posing and playing on an inflatable in the swimming pool and was taken by Howard Roark in California. A fabulous girl with a fabulous set of tits on her, but the first time I’ve been able to identify the photographer, so I can now add her to the Howard Roark gallery. I also have a fabulous set of her in the shower, but more of that at a later date 😉

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  1. I’ve known of Linda for a while, but haven’t seen much of her. I am hoping there is plenty more to discover.

  2. Ah Linda, one of the all-time US greats – up there with Roberta.

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