Unknown Bathing Suit Beauty? (Original)

Another fabulous model from the 1960’s from a set of restored 35mm colour negatives sent over by Paul from Firebird. This one is really annoying me as I recognize the face and body, but the name escapes me and I can’t find anything of her in my archive. I love the psychedelic swimsuit she’s wearing and love her body and perky little tits in the second shot (Members only), but does anyone recognize her? I’d love to get her named and put me out of my misery and also help Paul with naming the models in his collection, as I’ve failed on this occasion 🙁

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  1. Probably wrong, but she rather reminds me of how Sue Owen might look a bit older, and to be honest a little care worn.

    • But could the girl in the pic actually be a teen?

      • I don’t think so I’ve been sent some other shots of her in a wig and looks older, plus I’m pretty sure I have her in a model listing that states all models were over 18, all that was missing was a name!

        • Just for the avoidance of doubt, when I said, teen, I did mean 18 or 19.

          By the way, did anybody else hear that Rosina Revell was 17 when she started modelling, or do I have my wires crossed? And anyway, on a technicality, if her first pics were two days before her 18th birthday, then that could also explain it.

          On a point of historic interest, has the 18th birthday been the age when nude modelling becomes legal in the UK, since forever, or has there been variations of that through time? Anybody know?

          • Try Rosalie Peters. Clearly states on the box of her film that she is “a 16 year old continental model”. Or the much acclaimed Linsey Dawn McKensie. Or several of the Sun Page 3 girls, many of whom started modelling at the age of 16.

          • Buttybox, thanks but none of them as checked them out and think Linsey was a little later, worth a look though 🙂

        • I think I have seen models described as being 16 or 17 in the early 1960’s, but I will have to look through my magazines to confirm this.

    • Definately not Sue Owen, but can see the resemblance 🙂

  2. Regarding the March 29th photo, “Unknown bathing beauty” I posted a comment about models aged 16 at time of posing. There was a reply doubting this.

    A check on Wiki found that the following 3, at least models first modelled for the Sun newspaper aged 16. They were Samantha Fox, Joanne Latham and Maria Whittaker.

    As for Linsey Dawn McKenzie, she was only 15 when The Daily Sport paper discovered her. They almost built upto her first topless photo, on her 16th birthday into a crescendo. So, really, she was only 15 when that photo was taken.

    And I have often told you about the HM comments on the back of the Rosealie Peters film. It is there in black and white to read.

    Indeed, 16 was the legal age to begin topless / nude posing until an incident occured, I cannot remember what, caused governments to raise the age to 18.

    And just think how many American girls started their underage hardcore lives aged 15.

    I do this helps and clarifies for you – Dave.

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