Buxom Unknown in White! (Original)

A different shot to start the week with an original colour shot of an unknown buxom model in white. This shot just appealed to me when I originally saw it and bought it and think it was the pose of the model, plus her being all in white. I love how her big tits spill down from her open dress and she leans forward. Add to that the way she is sat legs apart pulling her white panties down to reveal a hint of pussy between her legs for us to see. Not sure who she is but another wig in use, but never the less a perfect pose in white!

If anyone is interested this medium format negative will be going up for sale in this weeks lot 🙂

Update: Thanks to Deb Jordan Fan the ID of this model is Patty Murphy and photo’s from the same one as above featured In Top Heavy No.3

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  1. She Is A Great Looking Woman.

  2. This Is Patty Murphy The Pics Featured In Top Heavy Nr 3.

    • Fabulous! Thanks so much for the ID as it’s always good to know who the models are 🙂 Actually when I looked her up I recognize her without her wig 🙂

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