Erica’s Big Reveal! (Original)

Another colourful shot of the Erica flashing her big tits for us by Harrison Marks. A cracking quality shot from an original Pamar 35mm slide in vibrant colours, which show off Erica’s magnificent tits to good effect.  Shot on the loft set I also love the sheer blue blouse she is pulling open to expose herself and the black fishnet stockings 🙂

A perfect shot and thanks as always to Kevin for allowing me to share. Other shots of Erica on the loft set can be seen here.

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  1. I don’t think that flimsy garment is going to give her either support or coverage . . .

    Has that picture been manipulated in some way? her head is smaller than her bosom!

  2. If you check out the Erica link above there a number of shots that seem to have her face looking smaller than you might expect. I rather suspect its because she did in fact have a smallish head, compared with her lavish bosom that is!!. Or perhaps its the way she tends to brush her hair right round her face.

  3. There is indeed something curious here; I’ve seen other pics of what I believe to be Erica, where her tits are nowhere near this size. I’ll send to you separately Wonder.

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