Kate – A Lady With Vintage Style! (Original)

A stunning vintage style shot from a real lady and friend that has allowed me to share this shot of her on my site. I just love this vintage style shot, those long black gloves and stockings and a hint of more! A real pleasure to share this shot of Lady Kate, who has a real love for vintage and not really a readers wife, as she is the one herself that likes to share her glamorous side. Hope you all enjoy the vintage view 🙂

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  1. My thanks to Lady Kate – I hope we can see more of her…in every sense!

  2. Bonkers of me NOT to be looking at Lady Kate but the only word that I can think of that will complete the word partly concealed by her lovely bottom is BIERE, so if her cushion reads BEER IS TEA there is yet another reason for liking the picture – which is elegantly erotic, promising more to come.

  3. I hope more is coming of this gorgeous girl??

  4. The main drawback of amateur pics, is that the face is usually hidden. It is understandable, but we end up with just a series of torso pics, which only have a limited interest value.

    So all credit to Kate for having the confidence to pose as she did. Very nice pic too!

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