A Blonde Eureka Beauty! (Original)

Another unknown bathing beauty by Leslie Bainbridge, this time posing on the steps of the swimming pool at Eureka Naturist club! This was scanned from an original 10 by 8 print from John’s beautiful collection of bare beauties. No name for this model, so down as unknown H&E No.4, but a wonderful small pair of perky tits and a hint of perfectly smooth mound 🙂

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  1. Leslie Bainbridge was brilliant at capturing the unashamed natural nude, as shown by this superb photo study.

  2. Agreed, it’s a lovely shot. Having persuaded his model s to depilate (not always easy) LB wanted to position them in poses which were revealing but natural in the context of a sun club. At Eureka he would often feature the model on the swimming pool steps, as here, or astride a convenient stile in the grounds.

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