A Very Flexible June Simpson! (Original)

A very unusual and flexible shot of June Simpson by Harrison Marks from a restored Pamar 35mm colour slide in my collection. What a pose from June Simpson showing off that fantastic flexible figure bent over backwards, giving us a different view of her body! Taken in the conservatory at Pamela Green’s parents house in Kent in 1958/59

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  1. Lovely! Is it too much to hope for that he took a view from the other end too?

  2. Astonishing! All we need is a mirror…

    Wasn’t Lorraine Burnette equally flexible? What a gift.

  3. Very underrated model – great pose for the time !

  4. My god imagine the view from the other side …magnificently arched…

  5. I do believe we have one-track minds…

  6. Original and stunning!

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