Lorraine Burnett – A Fancy Fireplace View! (Original)

Another smashing shot of Lorraine Burnett posing in and around Ewhurst Manor in different outfits and rooms from this set. This shot is taken in front of the fireplace used in many similar shots of differing models. Lorraine is also wearing a very familiar long white negligee opened at the front to show off her beautiful tits. Just a shame that extended leg of the ornate coal holder is partially covering her right breast. Still it doesn’t really detract from the overall view of lovely Lorraine 🙂

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  1. You can’t beat a good bit of straight forward glamour with Lorraine, a fine figure on a modest woman.

  2. Sorry to disagree but I think it does detract , the whole of the set is far too complicated for such a beautiful girl,

  3. Wonderful as ever: the lovely Lorraine…. Absolutely unimprovably gorgeous.

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