Magnificent Mandy Morgan (Original)

A scan from an original 35mm Kodakchrome colour slide of UK model Mandy Morgan. Mandy looks rather magnificent sat on that stool with her long sheer white negligee falling down round her to reveal her slender body beneath and this comes from a set of 4 slides I have of Mandy. I’m actually selling two slides from this set over on ebay now, so this gives you an example of the quality of the slides 🙂

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  1. She’s very charming – looks a bit posh!

    • Nothing wrong with a posh girl Roop, especially one that strips for you 😉

      • She wouldn’t be the first well brought up young gel to get her kit off for the camera , or the last – I’m glad to say! If you’ve got it, flaunt it! Good motto that.

  2. Compare the just published shot with the two in the link, particularly the one directly below. I have to say that Mandy looks decidedly older in the new shot, that may be a trick of the light of course, but her boobs have a droop not apparent in the other shots and a different shape. I doesn’t help that she has a rather low-slung bust.

    Nice looking girl though, someone pass her a glass of good champagne, looks as if she could be used to it.

  3. Gorgeous!

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