The Casting Couch (Video)

Before my break there was a vote on the next set of glamour films people wished to see posted, with four new films up for the vote. The votes are finished and the results were as follows. The Casting Couch (Angela Duncan) – 33%, Bathing Beauty (Ann Austin) – 25%, Turn Me On! (Wanda Liddell) – 22% and Session with Cleo (Cleo Simmonds) – 20%. So we have a winner in The Casting Couch featuring Angela Duncan with Bathing Beauty next.

The Casting Couch film is 15 minutes long and although it highlights Angela Duncan as the main model, she only appears for just over 5 minutes of the film as a secretary at the beginning and briefly at the end, although you do get some fabulous views of her body. The majority of the film features another slimmer model being seduced on the Casting Couch, which happens to be Harrison Marks actual office and at The Halfway Inn! Members can enjoy the film below 🙂

*This film is copyright George Harrison Marks Enterprises Limited

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  1. They clearly didn’t rehearse undoing Angela’s bra! A distinct move away from the innocent ‘glamour’ films of the early 1960s.

  2. It’s pretty raunchy isn’t it? I wonder if the humour ingredient allowed them a bit of leeway with the censor, or if this kind of product actually bypassed the censor in some way – in the way that it was sold etc. Whats the date of this one?

    But let’s give Angela a big shout out for always being game!

  3. In picture 7, is that the model’s tongue going out, or something else that’s going in? Can’t quite decide!

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