A Great View of Lisa De Leeuw! (Original)

On this day in 1958, legendary 1980’s Porn actress Lisa De Leeuw was born. Like many of the models back then, the whereabouts of Ms. De Leeuw today are unknown, though there are rumors she passed away in 1993?

Not a model that’s high on my list of favourites, but as part of a large collection of original contact sheets I purchased some months ago there was a whole section of harder content, including some familiar faces and bodies. That included over 90 images of Lisa, most of which are more revealing than this shot, but as it’s her birthday it seemed appropriate to post one of my shots 🙂

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  1. And a very fitting tribute this photo is for her birthday, a great angle to admire those fabulous breasts although I’m not sure I’m so keen on quite such a hairy muff – as ever we all have different views in this area, trimmed would be lovely but my preference is fully shaved. But a great image nontheless and I’m sure I’ve seen her in action many years ago…

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