Bedtime with Dily Rubens (Original)

Another wonderful shot of a familiar model with an unfamiliar name showing us how good she looks in PJ’s! It is of course Angela Duncan from a 10 x 8 prints advertised under the name Dily Rubens. This is the third shot from this set here of Dily/Angela nearly wearing some PJ’s, with one more shot to go!

A great shot of Angela and striped Pyjama’s never looked so good on someone and what a fantastic pair to wake up to! No confirmation if maybe these were taken by Terry Sparks, but I wouldn’t be surprised 😉

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  1. Angela just knew what the viewer was looking for . . . every time . . . great stuff

  2. My, my, what big…feet you’ve got.

  3. To further add to the confusion over her name, I have just seen her named as Lisa Shannon ( Beatiful Britons – 200 )

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