Dawn & Cindy – Double Sofa Delight! (Original)

Someone mentioned Duo’s and Trio’s of models posing together and here is a perfect duo in the shapely forms of Dawn Grayson and Cindy Neal. From an original strip of 35mm black and white negative this shot was taken at the Norland Astoria Studio in 1967 of the two girls. Both look fabulous sat on the sofa topless, especially Cindy who is looking directly at the camera.

There are plenty of shots out there of models posing together and I have loads, so maybe as suggested I should try and find some way of listing all the Duo’s, Trio’s and more if that interests anyone?

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  1. The more the merrier – please !

  2. Looks and sounds great!

  3. Seems like a great idea to me…

  4. A great idea! Can I also suggest listing shots of GHM with his models – one on one? I always thought he put those photos in Kamera to make us mere mortals as jealous as hell!

    • There is a wonderful set of GHM with Nicky Stevens, holding hands and her, in one photo, walking along naked with him and looking lovingly up at him. Taken on the Cornish trip.

      Also in the set is again Nicky leaning against a rock with GHM alongside. JUST visible is her labia. And I mean just !A vry rare sight.

  5. Keep the good ideas coming. There is something fascinating about seeing models posing together. What were the relationships? What were the dynamics? And there is more to look at. All good.

  6. There are a number of Kamera mag front covers with duo’s (and at least one trio) including a fascinating one (19) with Pamela Green (as Rita Landre) dou-ing with herself. That’s a great dramatic pic as well, quite one of, if not the best cover shots.

    All the covers can be viewed in the link in the column on the right.

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