Sue Roberts – A Dark Puffy Pair! (Original)

A very colourful shot of Harrison Marks model Sue Roberts from a restored 35mm colour slide scanned and sent over from Paul at Firebird Records. Sue seems to pop up all over the place, as I have shots of her in GHM films Cous-Cous and Tutti Fruity, she posed, as in this shot at Jason Studio’s for I assume amateur and semi-professional photographers. I’ve also got a set of contact sheets of her by Reg Dines posing at a UK naturist camp! She sure got around!

I love this colour shot of her sat on the bench, showing of her fabulous figure and those small perky tits and those dark puffy nipples. 

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  1. I just cannot understand why this model is – well, so white. No colour in her at all.

    Could it be, or example, and pardon my ignorance, anything to do with the photo being over exposed ( no pun intended ) ? Or poss. the flash setting ( if used ) being wrong ?

    Poor girl does look rather anemic.

    • I think she had a pale complexion as it was, but I also think the colour slides aren’t that good and a little over exposed 🙂

    • The breasts are exquisite. Possibly still growing too, as they don’t look like the fully formed breasts of a mature woman. A true delight.

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