The Fabulous Views of QSL Guys

I’d like to introduce another fabulous ‘Readers Wife’ and member of this site in the shapely form of QSL Guys. I’ve known these guys for a while over on Flickr and again it seems we have several interests in common. Mrs QSL loves to dress in a slightly provocative but smart manner, particularly with stockings and suspenders and Mr loves to photograph her and enjoys the reactions of others to her fabulous curves. She loves to wear sexy lingerie, including Aubade underwear with stockings and suspenders on most days.

To say I’m happy they want to appear here under the readers wives section is an understatement, as I just love Mrs QSL and her outfits, especially the sheer stuff showing of that body below! I also make no apology for showing off shots of her rear view as I just love it and some of the shots in the gallery below of her bending over just send me into a hot sweat, amongst other things.

Thanks to them both for sharing all these stunning shots with me and you can find them over on Flickr here, so do go say Hi and that you saw them here 🙂


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  1. What a lovely lady. They are all great photos but the last is a wonderful idea, new to me and very exciting, and the fourth photo is, for my taste, perfect.

    • Couldn’t agree more Glaisedale they are all stunning shots! Thankfully I had access to many many more and these are my choices. Like you I favoured shot No.4 and as I said I make no apology for enjoying that stunning rear view 🙂

  2. What a delightfully naughty lady! Thanks to both Mrs and Mr for these really, very provocative, but tasteful images!

  3. Gorgeous looking lady, great legs and she wears those stockings perfectly.

  4. Lovely pics! Confident model, clearly having fun, and looking great!

  5. I love the last shot in the outdoor shower with model bendiing over offering a delightful view of her rear. And underneath the spray of water, is that a hint of anus peeping out? I remember a time (early 70s) when magazines were just starting to show glimpses of pubic hair. It seemed then that models would never be allowed to show their anus along with all their other charms.Things have come a long way since then!

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