Wendy Smith – Massive Mounds of Pleasure! (Original)

Another great shot of Wendy Smith by Howard Roark from the 1970’s. Wendy is a firm favourite of mine and this shot shows off all of her ample assets to the full, including her looking down on those great big tits of hers! Members get to see a very large version of Wendy’s tits by clicking on the image, as if her tits aren’t big enough without needing to zoom in!

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  1. Fabulous and almost life sized, wonderful!

  2. Crikey, what a magnificent pair of breasts…. just amazing. I’m sure she had many a fun time teasing men and women with those beauties.

    • On which point, the ‘girl next door’ type models have a charm all their own. Mrs QSL herself knows a thing or two about teasing. 😉

  3. Thanks for the mention, Linda has her moments and hopefully you enjoy her efforts too, although the full effect is on Flickr.

    We were out shopping in St Albans yesterday and by last night somebody had already sent her a pm on Stockings HQ and said he thinks he had seen her – I’m amazed anybody remembers a face from a website or, indeed in the day a magazine. But I’d probably recognise Wendy and those wonderful breasts for sure.

    Perhaps it is Linda’s red hair…

    Such a small world but great fun for all of us who so enjoy the female form and those who are willing to let us admire them for our pleasure.

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