Wet Bodies! (1958)

Another artistic view of two wet bodies by Harrison Marks. I do love the figures in this one and how the water droplets sit on the skin and what fantastic figures on both, especially that rather shapely bottom.

The models in this shot or the bodies belong to Jean Sporle (Spaul) and the one with the rather nice bottom is Gaby Rougier . I’ve posted a shot of them together here and other shots of them together appeared in Kamera No.17 (1959).

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  1. Brilliant photo – GHM at his best!

  2. Indeed.

    I wonder why GHM used some models in duo shots more than others. Eve Eden (aka Rosa Domaille) quite often appeared with Lorraine Burnett (thankfully usually keeping her mouth closed!!) often with a length of lucky rope. Eve Eden sometimes duo’d with June Palmer (at least in a Lambretta motor scooter advertising shot (fully clothed…shame)

    In the old now defunct Kamera website, there existed a link heading for Duo’s (and Trio’s for that matter). Now there’s a project for you Wonder.

  3. Great shot. Shame about the tan lines on the right hand one – otherwise, perfect.

    • Don’t know if you noticed but the left models bum is covered in goose-bumps. Either the studio was cold or somebody unkind used very cold water to spray them.

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