A Morning Stretch To Get Things Moving! (Original)

An absolutely stunning shot to start the day of an unknown model taken by Harrison Marks on the dressing room set in the 1960’s. What a great uncensored view we get of this model and her slender figure and perfectly smooth mound. It’s almost looks like she’s doing a few light exercises or a morning stretch, either way she could do that for me every morning like that and I’d be up and ready for the day in more than one way 🙂

The model looks familiar but no name to put to the body, so I’ll add her to the unknown model list for future reference.

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  1. Oh yes. VERY nice! Beautiful body. Perfect for a black and white image.

  2. I’d no idea the smooth look was so popular in days gone by, but delighted to see being embraced so beautifully and so often by this and other models…

    • It was more common than you think during the 1960’s in the UK. Many models kept things smooth as it helped with retouching and censoring of images for the strict publication guidelines back then. It wasn’t until into the 70’s and beyond when censorship laws changed and more was allowed to be seen that hairy became more commonplace. Saying that the European models back then were more likely to be natural and several refused to shave for Harrison Marks and others 🙂

  3. She looks stunning. Lovely figure, lovely smooth lines, perfect advert for depilation.

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