Memories of Sunnier Days! (Original)

Back off holiday a week now and already missing the warm sun, but a great shot to keep me going, although I don’t quite remember seeing views like this down in the South of France on my visit!

A restored 10 by 8 print from the collection of John that I borrowed and scanned of an unknown blonde beauty posing perched against a boat by Leslie Bainbridge. I have around 10 prints of this model, but no name to go with them. She appeared in several editions of H&E by Bainbridge all showing off her naked body, small perky tits and perfectly smooth mound. A great shot from Bainbridge capturing the model and her body perfectly, although she could have smiled more in this shot 🙂

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  1. You must have gone to the wrong beach. This is just the kind of view I enjoyed at Pampelonne beach near St Tropez. We went for several years and I never tired of the view!

  2. Leslie Bainbridge was the master of capturing the “natural” nude sans pubes. Just beautiful!

  3. Lovely looking woman, and very typical of the images I recall during my recollection of buying the odd H&E…

  4. A very attractive girl who was obviously a professional model but I think she only posed in naturist/nudist settings. She was certainly a regular in H & E but I never saw her in underwear/stockings/glamour magazines. Always perfectly groomed and revealingly shaven -in line with his rules – when she posed for Bainbridge.
    As Wonder says we should see more of her smile!

    Was her first name Nina?

  5. More Sans Pubes!

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