Coby Wade – More Than a Smile on Offer! (Original)

Time for another model from 1970’s by Howard Roark, this time in the shapely form of US model Corby Wade. I know Roark was based out in California, but all of his models seem to fit a certain criteria if you look back through those I’ve already posted. All seem to have tan lines, are uncensored and show off a full hairy pussy and almost all have long hair or wear long wigs! Figure wise they tend to either be curvy and very busty like Roberta Pedon or slim with small perk tits such as Corby here. Not that I’m complaining as I love them whatever shape or size they come in 🙂

This shot of Corby fits the criteria perfectly, small tan lined tits, hairy pussy highlighted by the whiteness caused by her bikini bottoms and long hair. She also has a fabulous smile and freckles, all whilst offering those perky tits and body to the camera, perfect!

Thanks as always to Kevin for sending over this and other shots of Corby to add to my Roark collection 🙂


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  1. Really lovely smile with a definite ‘come hither’ look, along with great looking hips so a very sexy look all round to me…

  2. I have a razor… girls find it quite sexy to be shaved by their lover/partner ? (speaking from experience)

  3. There’s nothing like shaving a new girlfriend for the first time to really get to know her pussy in all its beauty and individuality, the size and shape of the labia, how far her slit extends upwards, prominence of the pubis and clitoris, etc. Delightful!

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