Monique – All on Show, For All to See! (Original)

A simple but effective shot of Monique Deveraux in the studio by Harrison Marks. No fancy sets or costumes, just Monique naked and for all to see, including those tan lines highlighting her hairy pussy and tits! It still looks like she’s sucking everything in as you can see her ribs, but maybe that was just how she was, but it just looks slightly unnatural?

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  1. I’ve always loved Monique. There is always something raunchy about her, and she is always provocative, though here she looks more thoughtful than usual. I wonder what she’s thinking about….

  2. Yes, it’s a slightly “odd” look, but still very enjoyable to see the beautiful Monique fully stripped.

  3. Presumably a wig, and enhanced breasts.

    Not my fav. GHM model.

    She was good in the ” Wonder Bed ” film though.

  4. I like her statuesque beauty, her slight haughtiness, her air of detachment. I wonder what she was actually like?

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