Vanda Hudson – A Modest Pose! (Original)

Vanda Hudson kneeling nude on a sheepskin rug with only a Mink Stole to cover her from full exposure. Taken by Harrison Marks this a Pamar 35mm colour slide and this is as risque as it gets in this set, as she is partially covered or dressed in the others. The only fully topless shot I have of Vanda is this one, so not sure if there are others?

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  1. Here’s a tenuously-connected bit of trivia. Wanda appeared in a film called “Bottoms Up” which starred Jimmy Edwards in his boys-school-headmaster (Wacko! et al). One of the schoolboys was Mitch Mitchell – who was later the drummer with the Jimi Hendrix Experience.
    I’ll just get my coat……

  2. A lovely pose, but too modest – it’s a real pity Vanda’s tits aren’t revealed

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