Caroline by Paul (Readers Wives)

Time for another submission to the readers wives section, this time the stunning Caroline by member Paul McQ. Paul contacted me with a selection of shots of Caroline from back in the 80’s taken at various locations with his Polaroid, 110 and then moving onto a Canon A1. These are scans of actual photo’s and back then it wasn’t so easy to produce photo’s of this type without taking the negatives to a specialist developer or risking it through Boots 🙂

A stunning set of photo’s that members get to see fully including more or Caroline’s body and bush and she even modelled for Knave magazine’s Beautiful Beginners feature in 1981. Thanks to Paul for the fabulous photo’s and hope you all enjoy 🙂


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  1. What a fabulous set of pictures! I love the look that says “beautiful amateur” and what a generous lass she is allowing us to enjoy her beautiful body posed in relaxed style. The firm modest sized tits and full bush are a bonus for me and shot no2 is very saucy indeed!
    Thanks must also go to Paul of course – I was so intent on enjoying Caroline I almost forgot him!

  2. Brilliant work indeed from Paul. I wonder if any of these pictures were from the Knave shoot? They look very professional to me. Having said that, with such gorgeous model as Caroline it must have been very hard (if you’ll pardon the expression) to get a bad photo. Although demure looking, I’ll bet she was a bundle of dynamite in the sack! Would love to have been there at the end of the sessions to see what went on!

  3. Can’t get over this set! Caroline’s bush is lovely, but do we have any pictures of her wholly depilated, showing her as nature intended, totally bare? Would love to see a close-up of her shaven pussy. Also, is there any material of a naughtier nature, perhaps featuring Caroline and a toy? Plus, in picture 11 (kneeling on what appears to be a subbed), Caroline’s nipples seem to be very brown and large, certainly compared to the previous picture. Is there any reason for this?

      • Paul McQ replies: Actually Caroline’s nipples are so big and brown because she was breastfeeding our first child at the time this photo was taken. Her breasts look bigger because they are literally full of milk (real milk jugs!). This was one of the last nude photos I ever took of her. I also have nude pictures of her heavily pregnant (very sexy if you appreciate the ‘ready to drop’ look’ as I do). Unfortunately they are now lost.

        • Steve have or had the heavily pregnant shots? Love to see if you still have them?

          • I might have guessed, Rummy, that you would be interested in the pregnant shots, you naughty boy! Unfortunately, they are lost, or at least misplaced. I have not entirely abandoned hope of one day finding them among a pile of old family photos. If I do, I will of course submit them to the site. You would appreciate the swollen belly, the pendulous breasts and the dark brown nipples that are a pregnant woman’s particular beauty.

    • Paul McQ says: Regrettably there are no photos of a shaven Caroline extant. Neither are there any of her with a toy (although she does now own a dildo/vibrator). I used to have one of her fellating me, taken in front of a large wall-mounted hall mirror, but that picture no longer exists. Caroline was very young when I met her and was usually willing to comply with any sexual request I made of her. For two years she regularly submitted to a painful and humiliating form of sexual intercourse just to please me. Wonderful times!

    • Id love to know what the story is being shot no2 – I bet the guy in the suit was finding it hard(!) to keep his cool!

  4. Love picture 7 with Caroline’s skirt slipping down to reveal the start of her beautiful bush. Very stimulating. And picture 8, what an absolutely delightful pert arse!

  5. Does anyone have Knaves Beautiful Beginners from 1981? I’d love to see how she looks photographed professionally.

    • Paul McQ writes: Altough Caroline posed nude in front of strangers at the Knave studios and was paid £250 (not bad in 1981), the pictures were never published. Knave said there was a backlog due to the popularity of their Beautiful Beginners feature. Never mind, it was a great day out. Caroline had her hair and makeup done by professionals and she was photographed by Knave’s Paul Diamond. Even the editor turned up at the proceedings to cop an eyeful, although he had nothing to do. One of the perks of the job I guess. For the shoot Caroline wore nothing more than black stockings and suspenders with the black mules you can see in picture 2. She was 21. I also took her along to the Paul Raymond offices in Soho for an interview, but after she declined to be photographed in a girl/girl scenario we heard no more.

      • Oh dear – what a disappointment to all like me who love to see a really beautiful young woman entirely naked. What we have seen though Paul is very much appreciated and would I be right in thinking that there may be more of the beautiful Caroline out there somewhere?
        I too had a girlfriend who was photographed nude by a professional in London when she was young but try as I might I have never been able to find the pictures.

        • Minolta: There are some other shots of the beautiful Caroline that I would love to see appearing in Readers Wives shortly, including some where her labia are tantalisingly visible.
          Sorry to hear you lost the nude photos of your girlfriend. Very bad luck! Can you remember the name of the photographer involved or what date they were taken? Were they glamour or ‘continental ‘, i.e. open leg views?

          • I understand they were nude glamour shots but were taken before I knew her , apart from the fact that they were taken early 60s I have no other info. I’d love to see them though.

  6. Thanks Paul simply lovely shots. Love her Boobs I bet they are great to suck on? Certainly gives me a stiff one. Also love the legs up the wall great for fingering. Hope we see much more of Caroline.

    • Paul McQ says: Glad the pictures provoked a stiffy in you! In answer to your question, yes her boobs were great to suck on. Her nipples were especially sensitive and easily aroused. Slipping a finger into her after a session (prior to full intercourse) would invariably find her pussy very wet, evidence of how excited she became posing nude. I’m sure this is true for all models stripping for their partners.

  7. Love the last one..nice to see her as nature intended with a full bush

    • Paul McQ replies: Yes, Aardvark, Caroline’s pussy is nice and bushy in this shot. I did shave her once, when we were first together, but she soon allowed it to grow back. I take it you are a lover of the luxuriant lady garden? If so, you will be interested in some of the more revealing shots that should be appearing soon on this site. Nothing hardcore, just discreet and tasteful open-leg shots of the beautiful Caroline.

  8. Paul I have had a Yard of Love juice lol

  9. Delightful shots of a lovely girl.

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