Julie – Another Peach of a Shot! (Original)

I original published a version of this shot of Julie (Shearing) from Solo No.4 P13 (1958) here as it was such a good shot. Well now I have a copy of the original negative scan giving much more clarity. What made this shot so stunning was the view of that perfectly peachy arse and the way her hips glide into her hourglass waist, which is only highlighted more in this shot, as if you look closely in the larger version for members you can even see the fine hairs on her back and that arse, making it even more peachy! Another interesting point is in the original the heel of her fishnet has a hole in it, but the magazine version has been fixed and not quite sure how they did that back then!

A stunning version of Julie and her peachy arse 🙂

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  1. Gorgeous – and a great expression on her face.

  2. Absolutely adore this! Beautiful model, wonderful pose, great body, and just love the lighting!

  3. A very striking pose. Her expression is haughty and superior, while the glimpse of her left breast is delightful. And, of course, Julie has a magnificent arse…..

  4. I agree. One of the best shots on the whole site. A magnificent figure and gorgeous glimpse of side boob.

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