Mrs E – Another Bushy Beauty!

Another submission to the readers wives section this time from one of my members of his fabulous other half. Taken back in the 1960’s of her displaying a nice firm pair of small tits, a  nice set of curves and a thick full bush! A big thanks as always to those that send these stunning submissions in for all of us to enjoy 🙂

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  1. Absolutely beautiful but those pair of superb breasts are hardly small, more like just right!

  2. What a superb figure! Those beautiful tits are so firm and pneumatic the model must been in her teens. Although we cannot see her face, this girl looks familiar to me and I can’t help wondering where I may have seen her before…perhaps sunbathing on a beach somewhere? Mr E is to be congratulated on his taste in women and for his good fortune in marrying such a lovely lady.

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