Plenty on Offer From Elaine (Original)

Another shot of Elaine Collins (Georgia Jackson) by Howard Roark from the 1970’s. This shot of Elaine comes from a set of 120 images from several original Howard Roark contact sheets . A much more explicit and open shot from Elaine this time, kneeling with legs open showing much more than just her big tits, but also a dark thick bushy pussy and more 😉

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  1. WOWSER! What amazing proportions.

  2. Built for comfort, not speed!

  3. This busty babe breasted the tape at 36G.

    Born in Indiana, her US stage name – Georgia Jackson – was a combination of the state where she was raised (Georgia) the place where she went to college (Jackson State, Mississippi).

    As well as Elaine Collins, she was known also as Elaine Moore and Lady Diana.

    To judge from this image, she could equally have called herself Pussy Galore…..

  4. Fabulous face, breasts and figure. Love the little labia peeking out from under her bush. A real goddess.

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