Princess Sonmar Harriks – Black on White! (Original)

Pamela Green as Princess Sonmar Harricks posing nude on the loft set and photographed by Harrison Marks. I’m not sure this is a very politically correct shot in the current environment, but when has this site ever been politically correct with the content it shows? Imagine the uproar and offence such a photo would cause today, if a current famous model ‘blacked up’ and posed like this. I’m not condoning racism or anything like that, but people seem to get offended in today’s society over the least little thing and then things just seem to be blow out of all proportion, just saying!

Life was much simpler back then, as it just wasn’t seen or even perceived as being an issue, just a fabulous nude model posing as a dark skinned beauty for all to enjoy. Pam looks stunning in this shot leaning against the wall on the loft set and you can’t actually tell the skin colour isn’t real as it looks flawless and must have taken hours to apply.

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  1. Perhaps the most interesting thing about this picture (apart from the obvious) is how many Pamela Greens are there? She was a wonderful model, an inspirational figure and a great survivor, a woman who was able to control her career, her life and her image in a very modern way, and who opened up all kinds of ideas about imagery, culture and identity while being sexy as well.

  2. Hours to apply and even longer to remove that gunk!

  3. I think if this sort of thing was done with the objective to mock, belittle or attack another race then it could most certainly be categorised as “racism”. But I’m assuming this sort of thing was common place in an era when models/actors from certain ethnic groups were not readily available.

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