Angela Duncan – A Denim Delight! (Original)

Kicking off November all be it a bit late with the stunning curves of Angela Duncan by Terry Sparks. Angela was definitely not a slim girl, but she sure had curves in all the right places as this pose of her shows. I just love the tight denim skirt clinging to those hips and the open blouse exposing those big round tits. A real woman with plenty to get hold of and enjoy 🙂

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  1. Like to see some of her jiggling.

  2. Always nice to see Angela. But this shot would have been SO much better if the denim had been tight-fitting shorts…..

  3. A fabulouos photo of a wonderful woman. The smile is half the fun. Well, perhaps a bit less than half….

  4. Her bosom looks larger than usual in this picture – maybe she’d gained a bit of weight all over.

    not a complaint I hasten to add…

  5. I bet there is a fantastic bush hiding behind the Denim?

  6. Beautifully large jugs. Love the inviting slit in the front of her short skirt hinting that ‘Heaven’s above’! Fantastic bush or shaved, I bet her pussy looks just great.

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