Bridget Leonard – A Fuller View! (Original)

I originally published the version of this shot here scanned directly from Kamera No.46 (1962), but now I have the original negative of the shot by Harrison Marks in my collection. As you can see the quality is crystal clear and shows off Bridget, her tits and necklace much better than the published version. I’ve also taken the liberty of cropping the shot differently from the shot in kamera keeping the shot wider, so you can see more of the lovely Bridget. A stunning shot and pose as well from GHM at his best 🙂

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  1. Very tasty and just as I like them – small, firm and perky.

  2. Fantastic photo. Those nipples need sucking to stand up further.

    • I wouldn’t mind that job if it’s going. She has exquisite tits and a lovely flat stomach – very erotic.

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