Is It Patsy or Pam?

So an interesting one that I stumbled across by accident and one I’ve not been sure about until now. Above are two shots of what I thought was two different models from different photographers. The top shot is Patsy Henlow taken by Terry Sparks and the bottom shot is Pam Hornby by Leslie Bainbridge and taken in isolation I’d have said they were different models, but on closer look together they seem to be the same model.

As Patsy she poses for Terry in various locations around a house fully naked and showing off a very nice hairy pussy. As Pam she poses for Bainbridge both outside and indoors, but this time with a completely shaven and smooth pussy. Now why is it the same model, well the body shape and tits are the same, but as a reference point and one that appears in nearly all shots of her as Patsy or Pam, the Opal type ring on her right hand. So Patsy is Pam or vica versa, as I have no idea which name is real if either. I’d guess that Terry’s shots were slightly earlier than those of Bainbridge, so I’d say late 60’s for Terry and early 70’s for Bainbridge, but I could be wrong.

As we know many models back then posed under different names throughout their career’s and Patsy/Pam is just another to that list, but one I enjoy under both names 🙂

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  1. Both very nice shots. Love both poses. Like to see some of the shots with Pubes on display please.

  2. The shot of her laying on her front with that beautiful bottom offered up is just too tempting for words. An all-round great picture and an absolute peach of an arse!

  3. Agreed, lovely bottom on view but full frontal nude and shaven for the Bainbridge camera she is even better….

  4. Anyone else think her face looks significantly different in the two shots?

  5. I have looked back through my old records and I see that I photographed Patsy Henlow on the 24/3/70 and again on 28/10/71.I also new her as Pamela Hornby and Vivien Hornby. I can’t honestly remember which was her real name.
    Terry Sparks

    • That’s brilliant Terry and thanks for the additional information, but also proves I was right and they are the same person under differing names 🙂

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