Jennifer Garland – Staged Beauty (Original)

Jennifer Garland posing on the backstage set by Harrison Marks from a restored 35mm colour Pamar slide. I do love a Redhead and Jennifer is no exception with her slender figure and always pert pink nipples. Love the stage setting in this shot and the use of the coloured lights especially the red lighting that highlights Jennifer’s body.

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  1. Fantastic shot. The lighting really compliments her Boobs and nipples.

  2. Lovely slim figure and good round breasts with erect nipples. Like the hold-up stockings (with ladder!) and hand placed modestly in front of her mound, which I can’t tell is shaven or not. Can anyone else make it out? How about you, Rummy?

    • I’d go for trimmed rather than shaven but one thing is certain, there’s a draught coming from somewhere judging by her hard nipples! Another pretty girl with a slim body – which incidentally most girls had in those days.

  3. This is a beautiful image, with gorgeous lighting on her bare body. What nipples! I wonder if so many of these models were slim because they doubled as fashion models, film extras and dancers, and if they were smoking twenty fags a day like the rest of us back then, when I was pretty skinny too because of my diet of Disque Bleu cigarettes and black coffee. Not now: beer and tea.

  4. Pity she’s in just her stockinged feet. What’s wrong with a nice pair of high heels? Apart from being so arousing, they flatter the model by accentuating the length of her legs. And talking of Disque Bleu, can I say how much I would love to see nude girls smoking. Yes, I know the Health & Safety objections, but it’s just sooo sexy!

  5. I agree some smokey pics please

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