Kathie Gale by Harrison Marks (Original)

Kathie Gale by Harrison Marks in a kneeling pose in the living room of GHM’s flat. Until recently Kathie was down as another unknown, but I came across some other negatives of her that were named and associated the two.

A beautiful figure with a nice smooth mound and love the freckles, but a bit of a harsh haircut and another beauty to add to the model list 🙂

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  1. A nice ‘Julie Driscoll’ look. The shaven mound looks particularly smooth and inviting. I wonder if Harrison ever got to cop a feel?

  2. Perfect shaved shot – super!

  3. Agreed. Nice figure enhanced by depilation.

  4. I used to prefer the shaven look, but now I’m in two mounds (sorry, minds) having enjoyed looking at all the full bushes appearing on this site.

  5. For me it has to be a fully shaven mound, every time. But properly done, to display the slit. No distracting stubble or ‘landing strips’! As other members have commented, a high, shaven slit in a natural, not a crude pose, is hard to beat. Leslie Bainbridge knew how to do it!

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