Sissi – A Barn Door Beauty (Original)

The Unmistakable Sissi Mississippi taken by Harrison Marks posing against a barn door on location at Ewhurst Manor I think as I’ve seen this door appear before in shots by both Terry Sparks and GHM.

Sissi always looks so glamorous in the shots taken of her and is always made up and with perfect looking hair, making me convinced it’s a wig! This is a more sedate shot of her as well, as she wasn’t afraid to show of her full thick bush as well, but in this shot it’s almost hidden by her leg with just a hint poking out 😉

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  1. She would have looked better without those plastic tits. She’s pretty girl, but they detract from her appearance.

    • I agree. I thought she must be hopping up and down and he had caught her on th “up” as I thought it a bit early for boob enhancements.

  2. Totally agree about plastic tits – a total turn off. Far better a pair of natural breasts even if smaller. Nice hint of bush, though.

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