Sophia Dawn – A Sunny Disposition! (Original)

The always sexy Sophia Dawn posing in Sun hat, black corset and stockings with an open blouse just allowing one small pert tit to poke out! I think this shot was originally from a set that went on to appear in Spick & Span. Love the outfit and hat and a shame I only have a couple of early shots from the set with her almost dressed 🙂

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  1. There’s something very sexy about an open blouse shot like this. Almost as if the view of one delectable boob is illicit. Judging by the look on her face this will come as no surprise to Sophia of course! I’d love to see the one that makes up a matching pair too!

  2. Yes lovely open blouse I like this. Its a bit like in Summer if you are in a supermarket and see a woman without a bra and pert nipples by the chiller cabinets

  3. Unless the crease has been airbrushed out, a very firm pneumatic young breast. Lovely nipple, too.

  4. Well Steve I was rooting out (pardon double entendre) some discs last night of overseas editions of Playboy. Great photos but in PDF. Wish I could find a convertor to change to Jpeg.

  5. Always sexy, and that lovely smile….

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