Susana Hase – Perfect Little Puffies! (Original)

Another shot from Howard Roark, this time the shapely form of Susana Hase from a set of original contact sheets sent over by Kevin. Love the way Susana is posing lifting up her top flashing her small perfect tits with puffie nipples. Love the little crochet type panties as well 🙂

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  1. Look at that slim stomach and waist. Starved to perfection! A gorgeous face and delightful titties with those sumptuous puffy nipples. Delightful!

  2. Come and suck them boys lol

    • Looks like those nipples are stiff enough, RumBaba, without the need for any sucking! What beautiful tits.

  3. Pretty girl. Great body. Lovely smile. The perfect greeting!

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