The Fabulous Teri Martine (Original)

The stunning and fabulous Teri Martine from a restored 35mm colour slide taken at Norlond Astoria Studios in the 1960’s. Sent over by Paul from Firebird from his huge collection of 35mm slides of different models all posing at Astoria.

As well as slides there were several price lists included as well, so the amateur photographer could get the likes of Teri to pose for them for the princely sum of £2/2/ per hour. That’s 2 pounds and 2 shillings, which converted into today’s money would be about £43 per hour. I’d definitely have forked out £2/2/ for an hour with Teri or any other of the listed models 🙂

If anyone is interested I can post a few of the price lists, so you can all see the models and their statistics and I’ve just seen I could have had Dawn Grayson for an hour at the same price, wow!

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  1. What a fabulous photograph of a fabulous woman. Someone I knew slightly (dead now, unfortunately) had lunch with her on her annual visits to the UK from America, and I was able to send her a message saying how beautiful she was and how much she had meant to me. I am glad that I did that and she sent back her appreciation and thanks. How many more models I would have liked to say the same thing to. I suppose that most of them have gone now, but it would be good if they knew how valuable they were and, in many ways, still are.

  2. A beautiful face and hair. Good sized breasts but poor nipple definition (no pigmentation). I’m sure she was/is a gorgeous person in real life.

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