A Naturally Sunny View! (Original)

We may be having wet and windy weather here in the UK, but here’s a sunnier outlook for you all to enjoy! A shot of a European naturist enjoying the sun and showing off her sun kissed body with small perky tits and a very thick natural pussy! This comes from a set of 100’s of contact sheets all of naturists, which I have no idea what to do with as not really my area of interest. Most are European, but some are located in known naturist camps in the UK 🙂

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  1. Not really your area of interest Wonder? Who do you think you are kidding? A rather good looking girl stark naked and you are not interested? You should see a Doctor.
    Only kidding I know you like big tits and this is not within the usual scope of the site. Rather tasty though!

    • I’m always interested in naked women, but I meant as you pointed out it’s not in keeping with the scope of the site. There are still many like this I have to share and will do so over time, I just don’t know what to do with the 100’s of contact sheets I have in a box. Might see if they are worth selling 🙂

  2. She will be someone’s grandmother.

    • True and I’m sure many of the models on this site are now someone’s grandmother 🙂

      • It was in reply to the “i don’t know what to do with them” My grandchildren think it’s cool that their great grandmother used to love going out in the back garden in the rain without a stitch on! Very private garden out in the country.Unfortunately she passed away a couple of years ago.

  3. Well before they go please let us see them. Pert tits and a nice bush that needs stroking and stoking

  4. Well, if the photographer wasn’t a professional, I would guess she knew him/her pretty well.

  5. Brushing the hair on her head is just a start, I reckon. There is plenty to brush between her legs. Brilliant.

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