All of Sue’s Charms! (Original)

Another great shot of 1960’s UK model Sue Yesterly showing everything off including those beautiful hanging breasts and that lush thick bush. I know I recently posted a shot of Sue, but this one is much more revealing and do you know how hard it is to find a model name including the letter Y for the Christmas Calendar 🙂

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  1. The detail in the photo is fabulous – the hairs, the crinkles around the nipples, the creases…. Lovely. A well-lit studio shot of a nude is one thing, but this offers other pleasures. Another marvellous find.

  2. Not a great fan of ‘hanging breasts’, but I agree Sue looks very good in this shot. It’s all about finding the pose that best suits and flatters the model’s body type.

  3. Love the armpits full bush that I would love to furrow.

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