What the Snowman Saw! (Original)

What better way to end the 2019 Kamera Club Christmas Calendar than with a festive view of my all time favourite Dawn Grayson. I posted a version of this shot back in 2016 as my Christmas card for that year, but never posted the complete shot, so here we go.

The original shot appeared in the Kamera Winter Special P10 and P11 (1966), but this is from the original negative in my collection. We also have Santa (Harrison Marks) and a snowman looking on, but neither compare to a stunning Dawn in furs. Anyway I’ll end the year with this shot, as things will now wind down on the site over Christmas.

Finally, Happy Christmas and New Year to you all and see you in the next decade 🙂


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  1. I am sure that it is time not just for wishing our host a very Happy Christmas and New Year but to thank him for all the work he does keeping this marvellous site going. We owe him a lot. May he continue to thrive. He is making a lot of people very happy.

  2. And, I forgot to say, what a tantalising glimpse of Dawn’s pussy. Ah, the subject of many a dream….

  3. Yes, well done Admin. Keep up the good work – it’s so appreciated! Now back to contemplating Dawn’s hairless pussy…

  4. Fantastic photo what a way to spend Xmas with her. Thanks so much Rus and others for all of these fantastic photos. You do a brilliant job. Glad I joined.

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