A New Dawn! (Original)

Time for an new Harrison Marks photo and for a new Dawn Grayson shot, including Lisa Hamilton. Taken in the grounds and gardens of Ewhurst Manor we get a great rear view of both these beauties, plus a view of the badminton court in the background. Dawn looks as stunning as ever looking over her shoulder as she shows off her great bum and one perky tit. Lisa looks equally as good, but out of the two bums I prefer Dawn’s.

It’s also a new dawn with the site because if you read the site news I’ve migrated the site to a new package and server, so things should speed up and stabilise, I hope.

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  1. Well, I’d certainly enjoy chasing those two round the gardens… my preference is for a blonde but agree that Dawn’s bum is definitely more peachy

  2. When I say I would hate to have to make the choice, what I mean is, I would love to make the choice, and my choice is – they are both gorgeous.

  3. Wonder what they got up to with each other .lol

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