Dorte – From Every Angle! (Original)

One half of the Danish double act Dorte & Annlyse photographed by Harrison Marks. This shot is from the original medium format negative, but originally appeared in Kamera No.37 (1961) across pages 18 and 19 and one of the few square images that hasn’t been cropped for publication. A beauty of a shot of Dorte from every angle, giving us a front, side and rear view and showing off all of Dorte’s best bits! GHM certainly made good use of this mirrored bath with several of his models and are some of my favourite shots.

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  1. All that shiny flesh!

  2. Lovely photo and a clever positioning of the model.

  3. Love to slide on that wet look.Tits look fantastic.

  4. delightful smooth image!

  5. Shaved smooth or airbrushed ?

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