Gerry Brown – Reaching New Heights! (Original)

The second of five black and white negatives of Gerry Brown taken at Norlond Astoria Studio’s in London in May 1968. A fuller frontal shot than the first shot I posted from the set here giving us a better view of that full hairy pussy, which seems much thicker than when she posed for GHM. Saying that Gerry seems to have switched between full on shaved to full on bush throughout her modelling career, but she always had a great curvy figure 🙂

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  1. And a sexier if not exactly artistic pose. I wonder what she’s holding up.

  2. I thought it strange the photographer decided to cut off her hands…. but everything else is lovely ?

  3. Yes shame the hands were cut off, but these were 35mm negatives and I’d say by an amateur photographer. Some of the shots were very well framed others not so good. Unlike today you couldn’t review and delete the bad ones 🙂

  4. I think she’s saying ‘cop a load of this, lads!’

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