Gwen Ford – A Cat’s View (Original)

Gwen Ford posing on the bed in the flat of Harrison Marks from an original negative scan. Gwen appears twice in the 1965 Kamera Special No.5, both shots of her posing in GHM’s flat on a bed as above, but I can’t find any shots of her in Kamera around 1965, but I do have some gaps. GHM’s love of cats makes an appearance again with the ceramic cats on the shelf in the background.

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  1. It’s weird to be looking at the books when there are those breasts to admire, but with Bernard Malamud and Gerald Green in the background we can see that Harrison Marks was right up to date – all part of the period charm.

  2. I enjoy seeing things like bra strap marks – she’s got that ‘just stripped off look’.

  3. Elbows can be a problem – a bit like knees.

  4. Classic pose with hands placed behind the head, lifting the breasts. A lovely trim figure and nice face. Beautiful.

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