June Palmer – A Portrait of Beauty! (Original)

As I’ve said before believe it or not, not all of my collection are nudes or glamour related. I also have a large collection of ‘normal’ shots of my favourite models posing for standard profile shots or just dressed! June Palmer is no exception, in fact I think I have more shots of June dressed and posing ‘normally’ than any other model.

This is a fine example of a portrait shot of a young June with long hair and is simply stunning, so too good not to share even if she is dressed 🙂

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  1. June is always lovely, and it is enticing that we know what she looks like underneath the clothes and that she is so ready to take them off. One of my favourite photos of Lorraine Burnette is of her dressed.

  2. Love this photo and the hair

  3. She was a pretty girl and fortunately for us a free and generous spirit too. I like this picture but I have to admit to having a preference for seeing her naked.

    • I agree, Minolta. I’d rather see Lorraine naked too, now that I think about it. And there is something generous about these models, June, Ann Austin’s smile, Paula’s raised eyebrows, and their generous figures. Lovely.

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