Lorraine Burnett – Double Dressing Room Desire! (Original)

It’s been a while since I posted a shot of Lorraine Burnett by Harrison Marks with short blonde hair on the dressing room set. So I thought I’d rectify that with this beautiful rear view shot of Lorraine, as well as showing off her fabulous tits in the reflection of the mirror. This is actually the first post from this set of an image that I actually own, so quality is much better for zooming in on Lorraine’s best bits 😉

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  1. Lots of great looking curves on display all round here both front and aft… hmm so I wasn’t quite the first to make use of a mirror for glamour shots ?

    • No it seems others had the same idea on reflections before you, but I love your attempts equally as much and must admit mirrors and reflections are one of my things 😉

  2. Fabulous. One of my very favourite models showing beautiful full and curvy boobs and bum. What a photo – and the ‘do you like what you see?’ look says it all. We’ve had a power cut all evening here. Now the lights are on again. Thank you for the power surge.

    That is Stewart Granger ogling her, isn’t it?

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