Pamela Green – Solo No.20 Cover (1961)

Back to basics with the cover of Solo No.20 (1961) featuring none other than the fabulous Pamela Green. Photographed and produced by Harrison Marks these magazines were dedicated entirely to his most popular models and Pam was without a doubt his earliest and most popular model, so much so that she appears twice in Solo, once as herself and once as her alter-ego Rita Landre.

The cover itself is a stunning shot of Pam posing on the witches coven set with her long fur cape draped open to reveal her exquisite body beneath 🙂

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  1. Lovely colour shot of this beautiful babe.

  2. Seeing this, I made a check on the “Full Magazine” listing to see if it has increased since the last time I looked, sadly it hasn’t, but Wonder has been extremely busy just keeping the website online for us fans of HM’s work.

    But I did give myself a reminder of how glamour photography used to be in the 60’s and 70’s, and remembered how much I prefer the unassuming muses to the out and out blatant diet of sex on legs we get these days. It left so much more to the imagination. I suppose it has something to do with modern short-attention spans.

    But Wonder, if we could have a trickle of Kamera and Solo mags in Full Magazines I and I would guess a few other members would be eternally grateful.

    • Driver that was my intention as well, been doing a bit of reflection on the site and decided I needed to get back to basics and start including more of the Kamera and Solo magazine stuff as well 🙂
      So there will be more, maybe not full magazines too often as they take a fair bit of effort editing, but I’ll try! Any suggestions of the next full magazine to publish?

  3. Yes Solo, with the greatest of respect to your fan base, we see a lot of Pamela Green (in her many guises), Dawn Grayson, and of course JP and many other staples, but there are others, may I suggest one or two of the lesser known models such as Barbara Halks and Pat Davis (maybe not not the greatest looker, buy what a bust!!), for starters?.

  4. Ann Ali (aka Maya Singh/Ann Stephens) would be worth another glance.

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