Super Smooth Sue! (Original)

A super smooth view of UK model Sue Roberts by Leslie Bainbridge in a familiar setting and kneeling on a sheepskin rug. Sue certainly got around in the late 1960’s and 70’s as I have images of her posing for Harrison Marks, Leslie Bainbridge and several others, plus working for several of the studio’s in London such as Norland Astoria Studio for amateur photographers. She also appears in several naturist magazines, including this shot by Leslie Bainbridge.

A perfect shot of Sue showing off her body to the camera, including her small tits and super smooth pussy. Another typical Bainbridge shot 🙂

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  1. Love the face and the highly slit, shaven pussy.

  2. Nude, full frontal, pretty face, lovely small tits and a perfectly shaven slit. Revealing but not crude. Great ad for depilation.

  3. A Perfect shot indeed! Smooth pussy is glorious.

  4. Nice figure and tits. The slit is just right too.

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